Who drives performance? People leading teams or people in teams?

Simon Thiessen

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17-Feb-2016 09:00:00

Blaming your team is not the best way to manage people performance


When performance in an organisation is below expectations, it is easy for leaders to find answers. The wrong answers.

Imagine what the managers leading teams like these are going to observe: people working without intensity; lack of motivation and staff engagement; KPIs not being met; staff who seem demotivated and who have poor attitudes.

The conclusion is obvious. Their people aren’t good enough. They need to be fixed. Or replaced. Let’s send them off for some ‘silver bullet’ training that will transform them into ideal employees. No, scrap that. Let’s talk to recruitment about the dodgy people they are sending us and then get some new people – but better ones this time.

These conclusions are simple, glib and almost entirely wrong. Regardless of training and recruitment, these managers will have the same frustrations next week, next month, next year …..

There is one place managers leading teams that are underperforming don’t look often enough: the mirror. That is where the real answers can be found. This infographic will show you the connection between the way you lead and the way your team performs.

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We hope this infographic showed you the effective way to manage people performance. Feel free to pin it and pass it on!

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